Pros and Cons of Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 2 Release

Magento 2.0 Merchant General Availability was released three years ago on Nov 2015.
If you are a store owner and running your ecommerce website built in magento 1.x Version
This article will provide you the facts and information necessary to decide on the migration.

Regarding Magento 1 Support

Magento Team will continue to provide support for Magento 1.x Versions till June 2020.
There was some messages circulating earlier in internet that magento end of life will be on Nov 2018.

Why should I Upgrade to Magento 2

  1. Main Reason most of us upgrade to a newer version of a software is to get the benefits
    of new features introduced in the latest version and Security enchancements.
    This applies to magento also.
  2. The Technical Stack of the older version will become outdated in future. For Instance
    magento 1 was built with PHP 5.5 version, the latest version supports PHP 7 with improved

Pros of Magento 2 Upgrade

  • Core themes comes with Responsive Design as a Default Design. This feature provides an enhanced shopping experience for mobile users. It is easier to built a Child Theme based on “Blank” theme
  • Streamlined Checkout – In Older version of magento there are five steps to do a checkout. Now in the latest version there are only 2 steps to perform the checkout. This feature will improve the conversion rate.
  • LESS CSS Preprocessor is integrated in Magento 2 themes. This feature improves the code reusability and avoid the usage of cross browser hacks. The CSS is basically compiled and rendered.
  • Improved Admin Panel User Experience.
  • Advanced Reporting features in Magento admin
  • Varnish Cache Support Support with Predefined Support for Page Cache, Varnish Cache etc
  • Built in Payment Methods like Brain tree, Amazon Pay etc.
  • REST API Support (JSON Format) is provided by core team itself, this is a must needed feature for building
    mobile Apps

Cons of Magento 2 upgrade

  • Stability– Magento 2 has some core bugs in earlier versions like 2.0 Series and 2.2.2,2.2.3 versions.
    But With every latest version the bugs were getting closed and getting stable.
  • Cost of upgrade – While the Magento 2 Team provides the Data Upgrade, still the third party themes and extensions were not fully converted to magento 2 versions. if your existing site is heavily customized by themes and modules, then those code and design part needs to be rebuild for latest version.
    In Short Less customization’s your existing site has, more seamlessly you can do the upgrade.

Planning for an Upgrade

  • Take a Complete list of Customization and Third Party Modules used in the existing website.
  • Check whether the old Modules were converted into Magento 2 version and available in Magento Markeplace. Also check whether the Extension Vendor has released a new module supporting Latest Version.
  • Whenever a New Magento version is released check its Release Notes for Fixes and Enhancements. if you feel those bugs are not relevant or no way affecting your website features then you can proceed with the upgrade
  • If the Modules are not Yet Ported to M2 Version, then take the Support of an experienced magento developer for code/module migration.