jQuery plugin with fancy selection like Facebook friend selection

Nowadays almost everyone knows about Facebook, and its daily innovation on user interaction attracts the entire world. All Website Owners likes to have the same functionality of facebook in their website . jQuery Plugin fcbkListSelection allows you to easily create the friends selection functionality in your apps. You can use this feature for any action you wish and not only for friends selection. Now making the friends selection like Facebook is pretty simple.

Let’s see how to implement in your web apps. Follow the below steps,

Step 1 : HTML markup

Step 2 : Jquery plugin initialization (Javascript)

Step3 : Now Facebook like friends selection is ready to work in your web app 🙂

Requirement :- jQuery Library
Demo :- http://www.emposha.com/demo/fcbklistselection/
Download :- https://97b5e8.n3cdn1.secureserver.net/download/75b5411e5c83ea7e9a8f9f80d0746f21/emposha-fcbkListSelection-153eeda.zip
License :- MIT License