iPhone like slider plugin with jQuery – Sequence.js

jQuery – Sequence.js is one of the best and interesting slider which contains infinite styles. It has its own feature like designing the theme with CSS3 and without jQuery, so theme is not a part of plugin which is greatest advantage for UI designers.  This plugin will be supported in all major browsers.

In this modern world users are expecting to have all the required information at one shot. They don’t like to wait for long period to get the expected information.  So web application should make the user to feel comfortable and produce the data in much more comprehensive way. Web apps can achieve this kind of  functionality and user satisfaction with producing data in animated and interesting way.

Steps to implement :

Step1: Include jQuery Library

Step2: Initialize Sequence plugin

Step3: HTML & CSS Markup


You can check the changes in major browsers.

Requirements :- jQuery Library
Licesnse :- MIT License, BSD License
Demo:- http://www.sequencejs.com/themes/sliding-horizontal-parallax/