How to Send Newsletter Subscription Alert Email to Admin in magento

Magento has a Newsletter Module that allows the storeowner/admin to send messages to the newsletter subscribers.
The customers/vistors can subscribe to the newsletter by filling the subscription form with their email id. However a small feature is missing in this module, Whenever a customer or visitor is subscribed to the newsletter the admin doesn’t get any notification/alert about the subscription. We can add this feature through our custom module. Our custom module will hook through the newsletter save event and triggers a function in our model class that will send the notification email to admin.

Step 1: Create an email template in html and save it app/locale/en_US/template/email directory. Our email template looks as shown

Step 2: Now we need to create our config.xml which declares the email template,model class. We need to specify the frontend event along with the observer class and method which will execute on this event.

Step 3: And now our model class looks like

Step 4: Now enable the module using module activation file and finally Whenever a newsletter subscription is made in the site an email will be triggered to the admin

Note: Feel free to download this module here. This module provides a skeleton structure which can be extended further according to your needs. Modify the sender and receiver email information according to your needs as specified in the readme.txt file

Download :
Compatability: Magento 1.4