Drupal 7 Multisite Install steps in Linux

As discussed in earlier post  Drupal 7 Multisite install is very interesting topic to work on in both Windows and Linux. Why Drupal 7 Multisite Install ? Refer Drupal 7 Multisite Install steps in Windows Steps for Drupal 7 Multisite install  Linux: Assuming your web-directory is /var/www/html/   #1 Once you have decided the multisite, create a folder under sites  refer the above … Continue Reading

Drupal 7 Multisite Install steps in Windows

Drupal 7 Multisite install is very interesting topic to work on. Why Drupal 7 Multisite Install ? When coming to web applications like Drupal there are many features to utilize on it and “Multisite” is one among them. Multisite is needed when you want to maintain Single code base for Multiple Drupal 7 sites. Steps for … Continue Reading

Drupal 7 hide content type from search results

In Drupal 7 hiding content type from search results in your application is pretty simple. Hook node access alter will provide the interface to bypass the search result query.

Hide content-type For example if there is a content type called “some_type” in your application, which you don’t want to show in your search result … Continue Reading

Pass PHP variables to Javascript in Drupal 7 ?

Why you need to pass php variables to javascript in drupal 7? In some of your D7 applications you may need to access certain variables in JavaScript globally. For example we need the Base URL (stored in PHP) to be available to javascript. In Core PHP we will do as follows

But we can pass … Continue Reading

How to install and upgrade Drush version in Linux ?

When I was working in one of my Drupal projects I faced a few issues with  Drush commands like Site install, to resolve this you have to upgrade Drush version. I faced the issue with command not executed and ended up with some errors. I searched in Google for trouble shooting this issue but after spending hours in Google I … Continue Reading

Commonly used Drush commands Drupal Developers must know

What is Drush ? Drush is a command line utility tool for Drupal. It is a Drupal Shell which allows us to manage our site remotely through command line. Why do we need Drush ? It Saves Lots of Time by doing many Drupal operations in a faster and efficient way. Although Drupal is Awesome there … Continue Reading

How to create a sub theme in drupal 7

Drupal provides a simple way to inherit the base themes through the concept called subtheme. Advantages of Creating Sub theme: No need of hacking the core themes All the styles of base theme will be inherited to sub theme, less coding Lets see how to create a sub theme in drupal. For this example i … Continue Reading