How to print/echo SQL string in Codeigniter ?

Printing a last executed SQL query in Codeigniter is pretty simple. Usually in the development phase we all will debug the database result by printing the query to see whether the SQL is returning any value or not. In Codeigniter framework we can print the last executed SQL query in single line. You can add … Continue Reading

How to send emails from custom module in magento

Magento core modules provides some important functions to send emails. In todays article we will see how to send a custom email from a custom module in magento. For our example we are going to create a Sample Feedback Form and submit them to admin in our custom module Step 1: The config.xml file of … Continue Reading

How to create custom helloworld api in magento

Magento CoreAPI provides a set of common resources for managing customer, catalog etc. Sometimes we Need to Provide our Own API from our website to thirdparties. In this tutorial we will see how to create our own custom helloworld api in magento. For Simplicity Access Control restrictions are left out in this example. Step 1: … Continue Reading