How to reverse a number in php without built in functions

A Simple PHP Home work code that returns the reverse of a given number,

The Logic here is simple. First get the given number and extract the final digit. Initially the reverse of the number will be zero, on each iteration multiply the reverse with 10 and add the modulus result.

What is the use of session_id() in PHP ?

Overview of session_id in PHP The session_id() is one of the in built functions in PHP.  Almost in all Framework’s and CMS’s it has been utilized to find the current session.  In this tutorial we will see how to utilize this session_id() in small applications apart from Framework and CMS.  Generally the session_id() will be … Continue Reading

Using CURL Functions in magento way

PHP CURL library is used to fetch third party contents, transfer files and post data. Magento Wraps the CURL Functions in its library with its own wrapper functions. There is no Hard and Fast Rule that we need to only use this function, but the magento core code makes use of this library. Varien_Http_Adapter_Curl class … Continue Reading

How to Disable Caches programmatically in magento

Magento has an in built Caching System that improves the Performance of the website. But this feature should be turned off during Development and theme design to view our changes properly. Sometimes we may come across a situation like our admin panel cannot be accessed due to some unfinished code or error. Even though we … Continue Reading