How to load magento model object with other fields

Magento ORM Allows the Developers to Store/Retrive Data using the load and save methods without writing Direct SQL Query. $custommoduleobj= Mage::getModel(‘yourmodulename/modelname’)->load($id); $custommoduleobj->getData(); $custommoduleobj->getFieldName(); However the load Method works only based on ID, To Fetch a Particular row the developer needs to know the id value or fetch all records using magento collection and check if … Continue Reading

How to Theme Nodes of Specific Content Type in Drupal 7

There are Basically 2 ways to Theme a page in Drupal i) By using theme functions in modules ii) By creating template files in the theme directory. For the Designer creating the template file would be much more convenient to theme than using the theme function. Sometimes there may be a need to theme node … Continue Reading