Magento API Call for Getting Product List with Filters

Magento Provides Web Services API Features systems communicate magento store. for magento webservices please visit the official site links Web Services Information Magento Core API While the methods fetch product outside magento. After Carefully Inspecting the Magento API code finally the Product list filters applied. So I will share the Solution. //Sample Code For Soap … Continue Reading

How to Create Nodes in Drupal 7 Programmatically

Node is a generic term for a piece of content in Drupal. A node has properties like title,body,creationdate,status etc. We can create own custom content type using; create nodes. Drupal provides a Admin interface to create nodes, for Somecases we need to Automate this process. In such cases We Need to create nodes Programmatically for … Continue Reading

How to add Datepicker to Magento Forms

Magento has a built in library for calendar functionalities. However the calendar library is available only on Admin pages like Customer Grid,Customer Account view page,Sales order Grid etc. We can extend the prototype Javascript library’s calendar functions to frontend. Step 1: Edit the page.xml file in your current theme in the directory app/design/frontend/default/yourthemename/layout/page.xml Around line … Continue Reading

Find Google Rank for your keywords with PHP

Every Siteowner is Interested in finding the Google Rank of their site for some specific keywords. Now it can be checked with PHP script. This PHP Script contains a class called which in turn contains the logic for crawling and finding the page rank. Using this script you can find the rank of your … Continue Reading

How to Send Newsletter Subscription Alert Email to Admin in magento

Magento has a Newsletter Module that allows the storeowner/admin to send messages to the newsletter subscribers. The customers/vistors can subscribe to the newsletter by filling the subscription form with their email id. However a small feature is missing in this module, Whenever a customer or visitor is subscribed to the newsletter the admin doesn’t get … Continue Reading

Drawing easy wave graph for wave audio file with PHP

PHP is becoming more stable languages for audio manipulation stuffs. PHP can easily convert the wave audio file to an image format by the vibration in wave audio file. In this demo PHP script opens a given sound sample file in the WAVE format and extracts the variation of the volume of the sample over … Continue Reading