Whats New In Magento 2.0

Magento 2 is officialy launched for general availability. From the Technical and General User Perspective lets gothrough the New Features and Code Level Changes.

1. New Default Themes

Magento 2 Core Installation now ships with two themes Blank theme and Luma theme.Both Luma and Blank themes comes with Responsive design Integrated.
Mobile first approach is used


2. Parent/Child Theme Concept introduced.

We can create a Child theme based on some parent theme as Base theme. Theme development efforts can be reduced using this approach, keeping the base style in parent theme and just overriding parts of it in child theme.


3. Enhanced Admin Panel User Interface
Admin Panel Now comes with Enhanced User Interface Design



4. CSS PreProcessor Introduced

Magento 2 Now uses LESS CSS Preprocessing. Magentos built in compiler converts the .less files to .css file. New technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, RequireJS, were used in the Magento Frontend architecture.

5. Command Line Framework
The Command Line tool allows us to do the utility tasks such as cache cleaning, module installation, theme installation, reindexing etc in the Command Prompt.


6. Magento2 is now built on top of SYMFONY framework.

The coding structure has been changed a lot in magento 2.0. There is no separate code pool for local, community etc. All the modules will be placed in the app/code/VendorNameSpace_ModuleName/directory. The design layout and template files are placed within the Module in a view directory.


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