Brand New Text Link Ads Points System

tnx2.png is a relative new but awesome text link ads system for both advertisers and publishers. The system seems working really well as it trades over 25.000.000 text link ads per month. Despite of the fact that is completely free to join, which has attracted more than 24,000 webmasters using the system already.

For Publishers
Webmasters can sell your text link ads through as well. It will calculate ratings of each page for you and give you TNX-Points when a link is sold. You have full control to block new text link ads purchase at any time. So that you can avoid irrelevant text link ads appear on your site. After you have gained some TNX-Points, you can either use these points to purchase links from other websites, you can actually sell your TNX-Points to Network at any time. Current rate is $0.61 for 1000 points and it will grow by 2% every week. You can also earn 12.5% commission of your referrer earned.

For Advertisers allows advertisers purchasing non-reciprocal links from thousands of relevant websites. Instead of purchasing site-wide text link ads, allows advertisers select any single page you want to locate your ads at. Or you just need to select the sum of text link ads, they will be placed on websites with selected PageRank, number of Yahoo backlinks on selected category automatically. The price of purchasing 1000 inbound links only cost you $1.14 at the moment which is quite bargain I think.


User Interface and Security
tnx3.png The user interface is very good which is really easy to use. You can mange both advertiser and publisher accounts easily on one single account. And also, claimed that there is no more than 4 text link ads are placed on each page by default, it does not look like a link farm, therefore there is no risk to get banned or penalised by search engines.

Try it now network is now offering us 2,000 TNX – Points on every new accounts. And they will credit you 5,000 TNX-Points free of charge after your website is approved. You can read more details on Feel free to ask them questions if needed, I am sure they are happy to help you out.

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: Sign Up Now
License: License Free

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