The new features in magento 1.7 Quick overview

Magento 1.7 is released officially long back. Recently I installed and checked the new features in magento 1.7.

Key feature in Magento 1.7 :

Native Captcha Support:

  1. The Captcha feature is available by default in Magento 1.7 installations. We can configure it for both customers and admin users.

Mobile Apps

  1. In 1.7 community version i found a mobile menu by default after installation. It allows us to add your own mobile application and submit from the admin.

Auto Generate Coupon Code

  1. Shopping cart Price Rules contains a new feature to auto generate multiple coupons and manage them
  2. If the use auto generate checkbox is selected you can generate any no of coupons automatically by going to manage coupon codes tab.

REST API Support

  1. Magento 1.7 community edition now provides REST API support for better performance and ease of use. It Provides REST Resources to which allows you to manage customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventories and products etc

Cash on Delivery Payment method has been added

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