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What is Magento 2 Child Theme? Magento 2 Core Installation ships with two default themes “Blank” theme and “Luma” theme. We can create a New Child theme based on some parent theme as Base theme. Theme development efforts can be reduced using this approach, keeping the base style in parent theme and just overriding parts

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To save custom customer attribute in magento 2, follow the below Sample Code Snippet. For Illustration Purpose the object manager is called directly and the CustomerRepositoryInterface class is instantiated. But in Real time the code structure will differ, the dependencies has to be injected via the constructor.


Magento 2 is officialy launched for general availability. From the Technical and General User Perspective lets gothrough the New Features and Code Level Changes. 1. New Default Themes Magento 2 Core Installation now ships with two themes Blank theme and Luma theme.Both Luma and Blank themes comes with Responsive design Integrated. Mobile first approach is

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