How to Preset New Customer Password in Magento Admin Panel

Step 1: Open the file Account.php in the below path appcodecoreMageAdminhtmlBlockCustomerEditTabAccount.php Step 2: Around line 163 the password fieldset code will exist as shown

Step 3: Add the Below code after the fieldset,but just before the setRendered method call. As shown below

Here the first argument to the setData is the name field … Continue Reading

How to add additional row limit count in magento admin grid

Magento Provides the Grid Based Layout in adminpanel pages for most of the pages like manage customers,manage products etc. The default row limit options are 20,50,100,200 etc per page. But for the stores with more than 1000 products and customers these options are not sufficient to display the records in less no. of pages. Step … Continue Reading

How to load magento model object with other fields

Magento ORM Allows the Developers to Store/Retrive Data using the load and save methods without writing Direct SQL Query. $custommoduleobj= Mage::getModel(‘yourmodulename/modelname’)->load($id); $custommoduleobj->getData(); $custommoduleobj->getFieldName(); However the load Method works only based on ID, To Fetch a Particular row the developer needs to know the id value or fetch all records using magento collection and check if … Continue Reading

Magento API Call for Getting Product List with Filters

Magento Provides Web Services API Features systems communicate magento store. for magento webservices please visit the official site links Web Services Information Magento Core API While the methods fetch product outside magento. After Carefully Inspecting the Magento API code finally the Product list filters applied. So I will share the Solution. //Sample Code For Soap … Continue Reading

How to add Datepicker to Magento Forms

Magento has a built in library for calendar functionalities. However the calendar library is available only on Admin pages like Customer Grid,Customer Account view page,Sales order Grid etc. We can extend the prototype Javascript library’s calendar functions to frontend. Step 1: Edit the page.xml file in your current theme in the directory app/design/frontend/default/yourthemename/layout/page.xml Around line … Continue Reading

How to Send Newsletter Subscription Alert Email to Admin in magento

Magento has a Newsletter Module that allows the storeowner/admin to send messages to the newsletter subscribers. The customers/vistors can subscribe to the newsletter by filling the subscription form with their email id. However a small feature is missing in this module, Whenever a customer or visitor is subscribed to the newsletter the admin doesn’t get … Continue Reading

Template Path Hints for Admin Panel Magento

Magento has a built in feature called template path hints to identify the path of frontend template files and its block classes. But Sometimes you need to locate the path of adminhtml template files. Recently while searching the magento forum i got this solution. So to enable template hints for the adminhtml. Follow the below … Continue Reading

Creating Custom log file in magento

Magento has a built in support to write log messages. Sometimes we may Need to include our own log file for debugging our own modules. Because the size of default system.log file is too large and also it is difficult to find a specific entry in such a large file. we can Create our own … Continue Reading