Find Google Rank for your keywords with PHP

Every Siteowner is Interested in finding the Google Rank of their site for some specific keywords. Now it can be checked with PHP script. This PHP Script contains a class called which in turn contains the logic for crawling and finding the page rank. Using this script you can find the rank of your […]

Google Rolls Out Phase One Of Revamped Groups – New Gmail/Reader-Like UI

As if they weren’t busy enough releasing the Chrome Web Store, the Chrome OS test drive, and inadvertently letting the first Google +1 image leak, Google had one more trick up their sleeve today: the new Google Groups. Technically, Google is just previewing the new Google Groups user interface. “The new Google Groups user interface […]

CONFIDENTIAL! Looks Like {Google +1} Was Just Accidentally Revealed (Pic)

While we haven’t 100 percent confirmed it yet (update: we’ve confirmed with a source), what you see above is what we do very much believe to be a picture of Google’s latest social foray. Yes, it’s the artist formerly known as “Google Me”, then known as “Emerald Sea“, and now known as “Google +1“. As […]