5 Excellent Drupal Tutorial Sites

These sites focus of providing tutorial videos and articles on Drupal design and development. If you are new to Drupal development these sites are valuable resources in getting started with Drupal. Lullabot Lullabot is an excellent resource for everything Drupal. Lullabot publishes books and articles on everything from understanding Drupal to Theming, CCK and Views. … Continue Reading

Drupal Podcast No. 50: 50 Drupal Tips and Tricks

Drupal admin and configuration: Create a “HTML help” block and assign it to appear on only “node/*/edit” and “node/add/*” Use the “edit permissions” link on admin/user/roles to get a single column Use the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar to “Populate Form Fields” on the access page for the admin role Use “site:drupal.org {search terms}” to search … Continue Reading

Drupal Frontpage Regions – Panels Module

There is a short article about frontpage with regions in Theme developer’s guide. It offers some advices how to achieve this by using defined block regions. In my opinion, this solution is not easy to stylize. Far better solution lies in Panels Module. “This module allows you to create pages that are divided into areas of the page.” You can define arbitrary areas and then assign a view, block, custom new content or existing content … Continue Reading

Development of a simple small website with Drupal

Simple small website is for example a company web containing about 5 pages with some information and contact. This is the easiest job in Drupal. No additional modules or skills needed. Everything you need is just your mouse. So let’s go for it. Do the Drupal installation and create the first user (administrator) Allow module … Continue Reading

22 Excellent Tips for New Drupal Developers

  • December 6, 2010
  • Drupal
  • SG

In the Getting Started with Drupal guide, you were given a step-by-step walkthrough for setting up and using Drupal, the popular open source content management system (CMS). In this article, I’ll share some basic tips and tricks geared towards new Drupal developers. Introduction If you haven’t already, consider first reviewing the official Drupal.org reference on … Continue Reading