Stylish tooltip like Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter with jQuery Poshy tip

Most popular sites in this globe attracts user with common things in different look. One of the most attractive feature in web era is tool-tip with asynchronous response template. Sites like Google+ , Facebook , YouTube , twitter .. have tool-tip functionality which guides user to go ahead and utilize the functionality.

jQuery is one of the light weight java script framework which contains thousands of attractive plugins. Poshy tip is one among the most used and attractive plugin. Integrating this plugin into your web application is very easy and simple. This plugin can be used for forms as well.

For eg :- If the form contain email, name and age input field, user may or may not know what input suites the input field. In this case using this poshy tool-tip the form can be populated with example tool-tip and attract the user and make it more user friendly.  Let us see the implementation of this plugin in steps,

Step 1 : Include jQuery library and Poshy tool-tip plugin to the page

Step2 : Initiate Poshy too-tip

Step3 : HTML markup

Requirement :- jQuery Library
License :-  MIT, GPL License
Demo :-