Solved magento transactional email templates not loading and template drop down issue

Magento Transactional Email Template Empty Issue

In the Magento Admin Panel, to edit or customize the default email templates we can manage through System -> Transactional Emails. All the core module’s email template’s can be loaded in the template drop down and additional css or html can be added.

In Some cases custom/contributed magento module’s will also have the email templates. Recently while working on a custom module with email functionality, i faced a strange issue i.e while creating a new email template in the Transaction Emails section in the admin area, the ‘template’ drop down is empty. However when i disable my custom module the template dropdown seems to be ok and populates the email templates list.

Root Cause of the Issue

When investigating the var/system.log i got the Mage_Mymodulename_Helper_Data not found. But my helper class is properly declared in the config.xml file and actual helper class was already in place.

Solution for magento transactional email templates not loading and template drop down empty issue

Solution 2: Even If the helper class is configured properly in config.xml and Actual helper class exists in the Helper directory, if the issue still exists then probably your module name and helper class name might be different.

For example:-

The attributes translate=”label” and module=”mymodulename” are very important here. These attributes will be used to load your email template in the admin section. The label Mycustom Email Template will be loaded using the Helper class. The module attribute in the email template section must contain the actual helper class name. so the correct version of the above email template declaration is shown as below
Fixed Version

Version : Magento 1.8.1

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