New Web Technologies Really Matter

Web development, is the craft of realizing a description of a website or app as a real, working thing. Front-end development is the part of this involving the browser. On the upside, you can get the rewarding feeling of making a Photoshop file into something living, that people can actually use instead of just look at. But on the downside, you have to trick and occasionally force-feed a design to, say, IE6. To say this part of the job requires a certain degree of bloody-mindedness is to be quite understated.

David Barrett is going to show us three things in the article: Getting to Work with New Web Technologies. Firstly, he will introduce to some new front-end technologies, like HTML5 and CSS3. Secondly, he will show you a few different ways you can use these new technologies in your projects today. And thirdly, he is going to show you a few little demos of these things, and walk you through their implementations.



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