Most interesting features of Drupal Homebox module

If you are using Dupal for your site with user login, you should probably check this feature. Every user would like to make their work easier. For that, we should provide bird’s eye view of the updates. It could be a simple snapshot or a dashboard. Drupal Homebox module is greatly helping drupal developers to achieve this.  Lets see its features below.

Drupal Homebox module allows site administrators to create dashboards for their users, using blocks as widgets. Blocks in a Homebox page are resizeable, and reorderable by dragging. Using this module user can create sites like iGoogle , Netvibes etc…
This module allows each user to have a personalized page. Users can have multiple items pulled from several sites at one page with this module.

Some of the interesting features of Home box module

  • A user can create multiple home boxes.
  • Block layout and status is saved per-user, so each user can reorder, resize, add and remove blocks to meet their specific needs
  • Layout setting using AJAX.
  • User can set color  for each block.
  • Integrated with Views 2 and its exposed Ajax filters. Exposed filter settings are saved between sessions
  • Uses the block system, so anything that can be exposed in a block can be made available to Homebox
  • Import/export homebox pages.
  • Option to disable theme block regions so homebox can go full-width
  • Each homebox pages as its own access permissions by role.

Requirement:- Drupal Framework
Module :- Drupal Homebox