List of WebKit-based desktop browsers

  • Safari (Win and Mac)
  • Chrome (Win and Mac)
  • Flock (Mac)
  • OmniWeb (Mac)
  • iCab (Mac)
  • Rockmelt (Mac; can’t download it)
  • Arora (Win)
  • Element (Win)
  • Midori (Linux)
  • Epiphany (Linux)
  • Konqueror (Linux)
  • Stainless (Mac)
  • Sunrise (Mac)
  • Shiira (Mac; doesn’t run on mine)
  • Rekonq (Linux)
  • Uzbl (don’t know which OS; Linux? No download link)
  • Iron (Win; seems a real skin over Chrome)
  • Maxthon (Win)

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