JQuery :: Top tweet's like twitter

Nowadays no one forgets about twitter when people are online. Twitter is most inspired for the user interface and experience, dynamic latest tweets from the twitter post with animated effect makes user to stay on the twitter home page and get updates continuously without any further navigation. Why can’t you make your latest posts/news in your website like twitter does? Here is the easiest way to do that with do more and code less JQuery plug-in for twitter top tweets. You can use this plug-n in your site to showcase your latest news about your website or latest user in your website to attract user.

This plug-in is very easy to integrate to any websites. This plug-in uses periodic request to the server to fetch the latest news from the server. The setting for this site is very simple and easy.  You can also set the limit to fetch the data from the server.

Requirement  : JQuery Library
Source : http://www.amitpatil.me/twitter-like-top-tweet-jquery-plugin/

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