jQuery Notebook Effect with Booklet Plugin

jQuery Booklet Plugin is used for creating Notebook Effect on reading a webpage in web applications.  This Plugin will work without flash components and it has many features that will fit in to your web applications. With this Plugin we can make all the pages Dynamic. This plugin has two arrows towards left and right which is used to navigate between the pages. In the page you can add all HTML elements such as images, links, paragraph and so. This Beautiful Plugin is very easy to implement in your web application.

jQuery Booklet Plugin has some of the features like,

  1. name  – Name of the booklet to display in the document title bar
  2. width – Container Width
  3. height – Container Height
  4. speed – Speed of the transition between pages
  5. direction – Direction of the overall content organization, default LTR, left to right, can be RTL for languages which read right to left
  6. startingPage – Index of the first page to be displayed
  7. before – Callback invoked before each page turn animation
  8. after – Callback invoked after each page turn animation
  9. and etc…

Requirement :-  jQuery
Demo:- http://mydons.com/viewer/js/booklet/
Download :- http://mydons.com/download/75b5411e5c83ea7e9a8f9f80d0746f21/MoleskineNotebook.zip
License :- GPL License