jQuery :: Found excellent password masking like iPhone / iPad

One of the salient features of iPhone is password masking. iPhone shows and thinks, everything unique and different way in usability aspect. We always tend to forget the last character typed in the password in several web applications, due to this we may get authentication error or application won’t allow you to access the page. Here is the solution which says bye to forget the last typed character.

jQuery plug-in by Stefan Ullrich allow you to see the last typed character in the password field. This password masking method keeps our app like in the iPhone or iPad environment.

“You will get more visitors to your site if you use this sort of  plug-in”

Requirement :- jQuery
Demo :- http://blog.decaf.de/2009/07/iphone-like-password-fields-using-jquery/
License :- MIT License

  1. SVP says:

    This not seems to be an excellent plugin as it has a lot of issues , while trying to delete..

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