jQuery :: Easy iPhone like contact list

As everybody knows iPhone is most atttractive product of  Apple. The features in the iPhone are quite new and attractive in usage.  Here we have a small part of it that is contact of iPhone which can be integrated to your web applications through jQuery plug-in. This plugin shows the contact list in alphabetic order so that we can easily able to see the contact information with attractive navigation and sliding effect as similar to iphone. It is very easy to integrate in your applications. Its very light weight. It attracts user of your website to stay more time on your webpage. The uniquness of  iPhone is user attraction and navigation. The same attraction can be bought to your site with this plugin.

It is very light weight. Easily integrate to your application. You can change  the design to your own as the theme of  your website. You can generate your contact list with your server side language or you can directly put in the contact into HTML.

Requirement : jQuery 1.4.2
Demo : http://devgrow.com/slidernav
License : BSD, MIT and GPL

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