jQuery :: Easy captcha plug-in QapTcha

Captcha plays a vital role in all the form’s which is submitted in web-page’s.  Similarly it will be irritating if we type and re-type for all forms eg:- password reset. jQuery gives you an very easy and attractive plug-in to validate human or robot machine. QapTcha is a jQuery plug-in with easy option to validate the user to submit the form.

QapTcha very easy to integrate with your forms. If you have jQuery library its very easy to integrate into the site. User interaction will be quite easy when compared to typing captcha’s.  The user need to drag the navigation bar to the end of the line in the box, so that the form will be unlocked to submit. User doesn’t need to wait till the captcha is valid ! while submitting, since the form will be unlocked once the captcha navigation is dragged to right end of the line. Hope this QapTcha plug-in is useful and you will use this in your web pages. Feel free to post your comments.

Requirement : – jQuery & jQuery UI
Demo :- http://www.myjqueryplugins.com/QapTcha/demo
License :- MIT License

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