How to show products with toolbar and pagination in magento static block

It is common in all Magento sites to show the product list in Home page using CMS feature in admin. Recently i had a requirement to display special products in clearance category. I need to create a static block which calls the custom product list block with special product filtering and include it in a category called clearance.

But in the latest version of Magneto 1.4 we can’t use XML Layout for static blocks, of course we can use XML Layout in CMS Pages which will include the toolbar and pagination. After doing lot of trial and error i found out a way to show products in static block with toolbar and pagination. The below method will show the product listing with pagination and toolbar in static block.

We can pass the arguments in the block call as shown below.

{{block type=”yourmodule/blockname” name=”product_list” category_id=”6″ column_count=”3″ count=”6″ limit=”4″ mode=”grid” toolbar_block_name=”product_list_toolbar” template=”catalog/product/list.phtml”}}

By Including the above block in StaticBlock we can even set category id, column count, count(product count), product limit per page (limit) and even the mode (Grid mode or list mode) etc.

Hope this will be useful for anyone who wants to show the products in static block.

Compatability: Magento 1.4</blockquote>

  1. Thnak you very much… Your post is very useful for me..

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