How to create custom system configuration in magento

Magento allow us to configure and tweak the behavior of the site in the admin panel via system configuration. We can extend and use this feature in our custom modules too. This article describes the steps to achieve custom configuration in magento admin panel In this article We create and save our custom configuration message in our module. This module creates a custom tab and allows us to configure our own settings.

Step 1: First we start with the modules config.xml.

Step 2: Create a Helper class as specified in the config.xml.

Step 3: To Create our own configuration setting, system.xml file needs to be created as shown below.

Step 4: Now finally our module activation file
Mydons_Configdemo.xml needs to be placed in

Step 5: Now to Retrieve the Configuration file drop a file name configtest.php in magento root directory.

Execute the file in the URL

Compatability :- Magento 1.4,1.5

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