How to change default Magento 2 Admin Logo and Copyright notice

Magento 2 Admin Logo Customization

Magento 2 Default Admin Logo and Copyright notice can be changed/modified for our custom needs. The Default Admin Logo is Rendered in Magento_Backend module. The logo image source is passed as an argument, we can replace the argument with our own image path.

For this Illustration I proceed directly to the solution approach skipping module creation step.

Custom logo Path

We need to place the custom logo in the below directory

Override the admin login Layout

File:- Mydons\CustomAdminLogo\view\adminhtml\layout\admin_login.xml
Here i have replaced the “logo_image_src” argument value with the custom image path.

Replace the Magento 2 admin Icon

Once after logging in to the Magento 2 Admin Panel a Magento Icon will appear in the Menu Sidebar.
Let’s replace the Magento icon as well as the copyright notice under the footer using the below code snippet.
File: Mydons\CustomAdminLogo\view\adminhtml\layout\default.xml

Overriding the copyright template in admin

To Replace the copyright message we need to override the default adminhtml template.
File: Mydons\CustomAdminLogo\view\adminhtml\templates\copyright.phtml

Once the module is enabled we need to run the setup upgrade and Static Deployment command

Final Output

Admin Dashboard icon