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  1. RemovE says:

    Thank You, save some time. For step three xml looks like smth this:


    • Ramesh says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes In step 3 it is customer_edit_tab_actioncustomertab/adminhtml_customer_edit_tab_action , but the syntax highlighter seems to ignore the underscore characters. We ll update it soon.

  2. I tried to follow your examples, but I just dont get that link to show! I am using Magento Enterprise Any ideas? Is there a way to see when/why this is failing to load( similar to xdebug and step though debugging? )

  3. Peter says:

    Great post. I need to make my custom field required. How can i do that?

    • Ramesh says:

      Hi Peter you want your custom field in custom tab. if you are showing your field in form class you can use something like this below
      $fieldset->addField(‘yourcustomfield’,’text’ ,
      ‘name’ => ‘Your Field Name’,
      ‘label’ => ‘Field Label’,
      ‘class’ => ‘css class name here’,
      ‘required’ => TRUE,

  4. Haney says:

    I’m looking for to add a new tabpage under category in magento admin, which loads the category grid. Idea is to associate multiple categories to one category and on the front end, when you click on that particular category, it should show products from all the associated categories. Is there any better solution then create a new tabpage with categories grid?
    If not then can anybody help me to guide how to create a new tabpage under category in admin…

  5. Gustavo Cunha says:

    Hi, I tryed this code on Magento and it didn´t work. can you put a download file with this working, so I can test it?

  6. fer says:

    why would you use this method when you can use overload the class? seems hacky

    • Ramesh says:

      As you see in the customer edit page there are several tabs like Account,Addresses, Newsletter. Each tab have their own class, there is no one single class which we can override and create all the tabs.

  7. Milan Thakur says:

    hi, i am using Magento ver. and the above code is not working with Magento 1.7 . Will you please help me how can i add new tab in manage customer section in Magento ver.

  8. Du Le Van says:

    I have added tab to edit panel but now how can I put the grid to the tab? I’ve try many way but not success!

    • Ramesh says:

      you need to create a grid class. for more clarification check the core code of other tabs with grid in edit panel i.e newsletter grid, orders grid etc

  9. vivek says:

    Hi Ramesh,

    I have added tab in customer page in admin panel, But still not achieve this through in magento How to create added tab in admin panel?

    • Ramesh says:

      Hi Vivek thanks for your interest on our blog post. I have little bit problem in understanding your comment. Are you trying to say that this code snippet is not working in but working in older versions? correct me if my understanding is wrong. This post was written with 1.5 version of magento, but i don’t think there is a much change in latest version

    • Tudor says:

      at step 5 try to change




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