Great iPhone/iPad/iOS/SmartPhones like home screen with jQuery and CoffeeScript

Today we are going to create an iOS-like home screen using CoffeeScript – a new JavaScript based language, and the jQuery library. CoffeScript has a clean syntax that lies somewhere in between Ruby and Python. If you haven’t used any of them, don’t worry – it is not required. However you will need to be familiar with JavaScript so you can better understand the concepts behind the language.

We are also going to use the Touchable plugin, so we can listen for touch-based events.

Implementing in your web application is pretty simple.

Here goes the steps to implement.

Step1 :
Adding required library

Step2 :
Include CoffeeScript as added in the download files (links mentioned below)
HTML Markup

Requirement : – jQuery and CoffeeScript
Demo :-
Download :-
License :- License Free

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