Fixed / Solved / Removed qsearch virus from browsers and windows Xp/Vista/7

qsearch is one of the most dangerous virus which harms the system and browsers installed in the system. After a long search in Google, I have found a few simple steps to heal the virus from the PC.

Symptoms of this virus in PC :-

  • Task Manager is disabled
  • Run under Start menu will disappear
  • Browser default home page will set automatically to
  • Keywords like Virus , antivirus , removal , cleanup.. in internet search will lead to close the browser window.
  • System restore window will not open.
  • Safe mode also have all the above issues

There are many software’s in the internet to heal qsearch virus such as Rkill.exe and RogueKiller.exe

The above two software will enable all the system functionality and it will not be permanent solution to fix this issue. When you start your PC , you have to run Rkill.exe to enable all the system features. Still the solution is not fix for qsearch virus. RogueKiller.exe is good fix for windows it will heal all the virus related to qsearch, there is no need to run this exe all time when you start just its one time fix.

File name : RogueKiller

 And another Quick fix will be – Create one new user with Administrator permission under User Account in Control panel and delete the user from which the virus occurred.

Restart the machine the solution will work.

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