Facebook like sticky header using Waypoints jQuery plugin


April 26, 2012Jquery License Free Menu1 Comment

Most interesting feature nowadays in all web apps is User Interface. Facebook has the simple and most powerful interface, the navigation like Home, Profile and other few links that stick  to the top, whenever you scroll or navigate to the bottom of the page so that user may be able to navigate where ever he/she wants. In this tutorial we will see how to create a simple sticky header in web application with Waypoints jQuery plugin.

Lets see how to implement by steps,

Step1: Include required JS libraries

Step2: HTML markup

Step3: Waypoints function call

Requirement : jQuery Framework
Demo : http://webdesigntutsplus.s3…
License : License free

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  1. JayMarv says:

    Awesome post, Shankar. The solution is great for ux and just plain cool.

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