Facebook like full screen photo / video without Flash using BigScreen JS

Many of you might have seen this in Facebook, there is an option to to view the photo in the full-screen. You can do the same thing with BigScreen JS. There are many features in JS which are listed down,

  • It can be done for a particular HTML Element in the web page
  • It can also be done for the whole page
  • Toggle screen option is also available

Now the supported browsers are,

  • Chrome 15+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Safari 5.1+

The browsers supported for video:

  • Safari 5.0
  • iOS 4.2+

Let’s see the implementation :

Putting entire page in Full Screen

Put any element in full screen

Detecting full screen changes

Requirement : JS framework & Supported browsers
Demo & Downloads :- http://brad.is/coding/BigScreen/
License :  Apache 2.0 License