Excellent way to create multiple websites with single code base.

New Year’s time is always about thinking back and wondering if you did what all you set out to do. And it’s also the time you plan for the coming days. How quickly time does pass with some innovative ideas!

The very big thing which has happened last year for me, I learned something multiple sites with same code base. It is kind of SAAS (Software As A Service) model and it is widely used nowadays. I hope this is a correct time to share.

If you are running more than one site, which is of same type (or sort of cloning),  you can simplify the management of your sites by using the multi-site feature. It will allows you to share the same code base for the multiple sites. Only you can create separate database, and configuration setting file for each domain/site.

Steps to follow:

  • Create a code base with all necessary modules and UI. Concentrate on the below items
  1. All modules should be configurable based on the site specific setting
  2. Pick templates based on the each site
  3. Load content based on the site
  • Create multiple templates. So that, you can assign templates for each site.
  • Create multiple Themes
  • Create a site specific config file [which has site name, template, theme, contact info etc]
  • Coding structure: The framework will be treated as Library. Create a symbolic link to the Library
  • Load the site in the webpage


I hope, the above article will be used by IT legends like Yahoo!, Google, AOL. Start this year by innovating new patterns! I will be updating few more tips very soon.