Excellent 3d and 2d transformation with TransformJS – jQuery plugin

TransformJS allows 2D and 3D transforms as regular CSS properties, you can set using .css() and animate using .animate(). To solve the cross-browser support problem, TransformJS uses feature detection to analyze the supported features of the browser it is running in and adapts accordingly.

To solve the multiple transforms problem, TransformJS applies a cssHook for every transformation exposing them to .css() and .animate(). This allows you to treat them as separate properties, rather than a single one, and also allows you to more easily set a computed value to them.

To solve the data consistency problem, TransformJS maintains an in-memory matrix which it uses to apply the transforms. This single-entry system ensures that all parts of your applications that want to apply a transformation to an element can do so without any regard to what other transformations have already been applied.

Requirement :- jQuery Framework
Demo :- http://transformjs.strobeapp.com/
Download :- http://mydons.com/download/75b5411e5c83ea7e9a8f9f80d0746f21/transformjs.1.0.beta_.2.zip
License :- License Free

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