Easy Auto Suggest with jQuery plugin

AUSU Ajax Auto Suggest jQuery Plugin has the usual functionality with a little extra flexibility: multiple instances, passing custom parameters, the id and the value are returned, keyboard-controlled, and a few others… Almost anything you need from an autosuggest plugin you can do with the built-in options! The CSS file is small and very easily changed.

It has been tested on mordern browsers (Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 11, Safari 5 & Chrome). It has also been tested on IE7 & IE6 without any issue.

Features such as,

  • Multiple Instances
    You can apply this autosuggestion plugin to as many textboxes on your page as you’d like and return data specific to each!
  • Keyboard-Controlled
    Use the keys (up, down, enter, tab) to navigate the dropdown suggestions.
  • Custom Parameters
    Send as many parameters to your server-side handler as you’d like.
  • Option to have ID & Value Returned
    E.g.) If you have a textbox of countries you may want to display ‘Canada’ as the option, but have CA added to a hidden form field.
  • Simple Style Sheet for Easy Edibility
    I kept the style sheet very simple, you can easily edit to accommodate your own look and feel.
  • & Other Handy Options
    Click here to view the built-in

Requirement :- jQuery Framework
License :- License Free
Demo :- http://oslund.ca/demos/ausu/

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