Drupal blocks in different regions in variuos pages

In Drupal the Blocks are used to display the sidebar contents, texts, images , videos etc. In some cases we need the same blocks to be displayed on right sidebar in the home page and the same block to be displayed in the bottom or in the content region in the inner pages. Say for e.g  I have a Block with the Latest news in the RightSide in the Home Page and the same block in the content region in the inner pages, in this case the latest news block is duplicated to another and shown in the inner pages, If there are more blocks like this then we end up with duplicating blocks in the site buliding->blocks. In Order to avoid the duplication we have a soultion with Contributed Modules.

Soultion: Use the context drupal module for both 6.x and 7.x. This module provides the interface for copying the same blocks in differnt regions in the various pages.

Install the context and Enable the modules, navigate to the site bulding ->context , In this Page click the add button and enter the title ,tages etc and add conditions to this context( Menu, Node type, user, user role, path, taxomony, view etc..)  and choose the reaction (Blocks ,Breadcrumb,Menu,theme)

This module can be used for blocks, menus and themes..

Context Module :http://drupal.org/project/context

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