Drupal 7 quick overview

Drupal 7 is released officially. Recently I installed and checked the features of Drupal 7.

I Noticed some of the new features/changes:

1. Easy Installation profiles are introduced. Now Drupal 7 will work with php 5.2,mysql 5.0. While Installing you have the option to select installation profile(standard or minimal). Standard will contain commonly used modules and Minimal contains very few modules installed during installation. It will ask for the database type (mysql,SQLite etc) during database configuration.

2. The themes such as chameleon,bluemarine were removed from core. New theme called seven is introduced as default theme. Admin Section contains improved navigation system with overlay (Popup)

3. The overlay (popup) can also be disabled by deactivating the overlay module. There is a provision for creating shortcuts for frequently accessed pages in admin. Permission system is improvised in this version.

4. CCK(Content Construction Kit) was included in core installation. There is no need to install CCK module separately.
But still views module is not included in core.

5. Regarding API Changes, the Database API was changed completly. When I wrote a custom module for simple form with database. I was shocked because the functions db_fetch_object and db_fetch_array was completly removed. Instead of db_fetch_object and db_fetch_array i used db_select i.e
db_select($table, $alias = NULL, array $options = array())

6. For inserting data db_insert is used syntax: db_insert($table, array $options = array()). for update db_update is used syntax db_update($table, array $options = array())

7. Drupal now supports a dynamic-loading code registry.All modules must now declare any code files containing class or interface declarations in the .info file.
i.e files[] = example.test

This post is just a quick overview on drupal 7, still there are lot more changes in drupal 7 that i need to gothrough.

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