Drupal 7 Multisite Install steps in Windows

Drupal 7 Multisite install is very interesting topic to work on.

Why Drupal 7 Multisite Install ?

When coming to web applications like Drupal there are many features to utilize on it and “Multisite” is one among them. Multisite is needed when you want to maintain Single code base for Multiple Drupal 7 sites.

Steps for Drupal 7 Multisite install  :

Assuming your web-directory is c:/xampp/htdocs/drupal (for wampp it will change)

Drupal 7 Multisite Install







#1 Once you have decided the multisite, create a folder under sites  refer the above image.

For eg:- multisite.localhost is my new site, so the sites directory in my Drupal 7 structure will look like below,

Drupal 7 Multisite Install







#2 Copy the “default.settings.php” from default directory to multisite.localhost directory.

#3 Once the file has been copied now under sites directory copy “example.sites.php” to “sites.php”

#4 Now your Drupal 7 sites directory will look like above image.

#5 Open “sites.php”  and add the below code at the end.

#6 The above steps are the only configuration needed from Drupal directory. After all these steps now you have to find “hosts” file in Windows installation. In Windows 7 hosts file will be in this path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. In your hosts file add the below entry at the bottom.

#7 Find httpd.conf file in your xampp directort (if you are using wampp, you have to find  httpd.conf in you wampp directory). In Xampp httpd.conf files will be in C:\xampp\apache\conf. Open httpd.conf file and add the below line,

#8 Now you are done will the setup and configuration. Restart your Apache and Reboot your machine.

#9 Once you are Rebooted open your browser and hit the below URL


#10 You will see your Drupal site installation screen as below, note the above steps is applicable for Fresh installation and not existing Drupal sites.

Drupal 7 Multisite Install