Detecting Proxy Server using PHP

Proxy Server acts as an Intermediary between Client and the Server. The necessity of Proxy Server is high when we search for some web resources. php-proxy-server class written in PHP allows user to find the list of Proxy Servers in the web. This class can check if Proxy Server is working and its type.It can send HTTP requests to a test script in the same site via a given Proxy Server to determine if the proxy is working and its features.The php-proxy-server class tries regular HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 5 protocol. If it is working it can test if the Proxy server supports GET and POST requests, passes the referer header, SSL requests, response speed and the level of anonymity it provides.

Requirement :- PHP 5.2 .*
Demo :-
Download :- PhpProxyChecker class
License : –  CC License