Countdown timer for Maintenance / Under Construction / Coming soon sites with jQuery timer plugin

When the site is down or being renovated, we would need to create the curiosity and interest of the user. Possibly we can do one of the below,

  1. Make some animations that the site is down
  2. Use a game to make the user stay on your page
  3. Use a count down Timer until the site is re-launched

We will discuss about #3, as the others are common and frequently used. Count down timer will obviously increase the interest of the user about new feature in the site. In addition, the page can also contain the ‘subscribe for newsletter’ module, where the admin can send a newsletter once the site is renovated.

Lets get started with Timer implementation using jQuery,

Step 1: HTML Markup

Step 2:  jQuery Init script

Step 3: Include the appropriate CSS and Images which you can use from download

Requirement :- jQuery Framework
Demo :-
License :- License Free
Download :-