Finding Inactive Customers in Magento Report

Magento Reports module provides variety of reports to the store owners about the customers carts, products ordered, bestsellers, abandoned carts etc. However sometimes the default reports alone will not be sufficient for our custom needs. In such a case we can create our own custom module. Example Scenario Lets find the list of customers who […]

Writing a custom magento shellscript

Magento provides the command line shell scripts which will reduce the tedious admin operations. These operation when they performed using browser may get browser timeout when the database or catalog is huge. The Magento Root directory contains a folder named “shell” which contains some default shell scripts for performing the below operations through command Line. […]

Simple magento widget development

Introduction Magento widget development is a custom frontend extension that gives the facility for Non Technical Business users to easily create dynamic content to their website. A Widget comes with some configuration options. Basically creating a Widget is very similar to creating a module with a few more additional files. In this Blog post we […]

Adding a simple magento password strength meter in form

Magento Password strength meter brings user interaction with forms. Magento provides built in support for form validation. However if it provides a nice Interactive validation response it would increase the user experience. Lets say while creating a password it would be nice if the user gets to know about the strength of his password. So […]

The new features in magento 1.7 Quick overview

Magento 1.7 is released officially long back. Recently I installed and checked the new features in magento 1.7. Key feature in Magento 1.7 : Native Captcha Support: The Captcha feature is available by default in Magento 1.7 installations. We can configure it for both customers and admin users. Mobile Apps In 1.7 community version i […]

Add captcha in Magento customer registration form

How to add captcha in Magento ? ReCaptcha is one of the popular captcha plugins to protect our SITE from Spam registrations. Latest Versions of magento has a native captcha support, However for older versions of magento there are some community modules available for captcha, but their scope is limited to contact form. For Customer […]

how to hide Add New and Reset Filter button in admin grid magento

In Magento admin panel whenever we create our custom module with admin grid, it inherits the grid layouts from the core module classes. However we can customize the look and feel according to our needs, say For eg: We may need to Show only reports based on some information from backend. In this case we […]

How to change admin logo and copyright text in Magento

Magento Provides configuration options to change the frontend logo. However to customize the admin panel login form and logo core files needs to be edited. To overcome this limitation we can override the adminhtml files in a custom module. The custom module is named as Mydons_Customadminlogo Step 1: Upload the custom logo in media directory. […]

Helpful image library functions in magento

Magento Wraps PHP Image Library Functions in its library with its own wrapper functions. Magento Provides the general adapter for image manipulation. This gives us the flexibility to use any PHP libraries like GD2, imagemagik etc. Some of the common wrapper functions are crop resize rotate You can make use of these functions in your […]