Currency Conversion library in CodeIgniter

To understand this tutorial user must be aware of MVC (Model-View-Controller) concepts & workflows. Converting currency is pretty simple with CodeIgniter in this page we are going to see the following, How to write currency converter library How to call the library in the controller How to interact with Database and Views Important Update After […]

How to print/echo SQL string in Codeigniter ?

Printing a last executed SQL query in Codeigniter is pretty simple. Usually in the development phase we all will debug the database result by printing the query to see whether the SQL is returning any value or not. In Codeigniter framework we can print the last executed SQL query in single line. You can add […]

Easy Paypal sandbox IPN subscription with PHP Codeigniter Library

CodeIgniter has a PayPal library that handles the request and response from PayPal.  But IPN Subscription is not supported in the CI PayPal Library. Creating IPN Subscription is pretty easy if you follow the below steps. Step 1 :  To start with IPN subscription register / sign -in with PayPal sandbox using this URL […]

Fixed Mac OS Safari Codeigniter session/login/authentication issue

Codeigniter is a most widely used PHP framework in the website development.  I’ve been using codeigniter around one year, it works perfect in the caching system, application handling, views handling and so. When I tested the application which I’ve developed using codeigniter with MAC Operating System I was struggling to login to the application with […]

CodeIgniter Development Platform for Creating Web Apps

FUEL CMS is a modular-based hybrid of a framework and a content management system. It’s developed on the popular CodeIgniter PHP web framework and allows you to create your models, views and controllers like normal and only use the CMS part when and if you need it. FUEL CMS evolved out of the need for […]