jQuery :: JavaScript Statistics Library

jStat is a simple JavaScript statistics library which is built using jQuery framework. jStat is powerful and configurable plotting functions, this statistical workout can be done with out need for statistical languages such as (MATLAB or R). When talking about cross browser compatibility jStat supports all latest versions of major browsers such as, Internet Explorer – versions 7+ Firefox – […]

How to find website speed online ? Loads.in do this !

Loads.in is a site used to check the loading speed of your website. No need to install software from your desktop to check the speed of your webpage. Now its very easy and simple to check the speed of your webpage. This tool have some attractive features to check the speed of your webpage in worlds most famous […]

Traffic Monitoring with LiveStats & Trends system

  • February 12, 2011
  • Stats
  • SG

GoSquared thinks monitoring your website’s traffic should be simple, fun & enlightening. So they have built LiveStats and Trends, which are beautiful and powerful, yet easy to use web application for monitoring your traffic. LiveStats shows you what’s happening on your website right now. It shows you your top content based on how many people […]