WordPress Short Code Quick Overview

Overview of WordPress Short Code WordPress shortcode is an API which replaces a given string with the output of callback function. WordPress Shortcode concept is similar to macro(preprocessor) in c programming language. Wherever the particular shortcode string is called it is replaced with the output of the handler function. Syntax:

shortcode_string – This is […]

Browser specific CSS rules you Must Memorize Part-1

This tutorial is intended for those who know about basic CSS rules and selectors. If you are a beginner to CSS it would be better to learn about basic CSS rules and follow this tutorial. Writing a single CSS rule for an element to support in all major browsers is a big headache. So we must memorize few […]

Helpful image library functions in magento

Magento Wraps PHP Image Library Functions in its library with its own wrapper functions. Magento Provides the general adapter for image manipulation. This gives us the flexibility to use any PHP libraries like GD2, imagemagik etc. Some of the common wrapper functions are crop resize rotate You can make use of these functions in your […]

SSI(Server Side Include) in PHP

  • September 5, 2012
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SSI is a Server Side Scripting Language used most commonly in many web applications. SSI will help in organizing files and templates for your application. SSI is used to include contents of another file in to a web page on the web server, similar to the include file statement we use in other server side […]

How to create custom system configuration in magento

Magento allow us to configure and tweak the behavior of the site in the admin panel via system configuration. We can extend and use this feature in our custom modules too. This article describes the steps to achieve custom configuration in magento admin panel In this article We create and save our custom configuration message […]

Easy & Powerful watermarking with PHP

PHP image workshop using GD library is very easy tool for manipulating the images. Main key features of this script is as follows, Cropping Filter Re sizing Rotating Writing Usage is pretty simple :

Requirement :- PHP with GD library Demo & Download :- http://phpimageworkshop.com/ License :- GPL License

Analog clock hour needle puzzle

Question : In an analog clock for 25 minutes duration how much does the hour hand will move ? ?? ???? …….. ??????   Answer : 12.5  degree . Explanation : Analog clock is 360 degree. For 60 minutes the hour hand will move 30 degree. So for 30 minutes the hour hand will move […]

PHP 5.4 overview

1. Traits feature is added. Traits is used to reduce the limitations of single inheritance. A Trait cannot be instantiated on its own. Traits allows its methods to be reused in several independent classes. Example:

In the above example code we define a trait using the keyword trait followed by its definition. We can […]

Apple puzzle, interview question.

Question: There are 6 people sitting in a room around the table. On top of the table there is a basket with 6 apple in it. All person took one apple each but still one apple was left in the basket. How !! ?? thinking ???   still thinking ???   the answer is very […]