Simple CSS float basic implementation

What is CSS float ? CSS float is one of the trickier CSS concept to understand. Once grasped we can build awesome websites with float based layout. Before diving into the concept, lets understand common usage of float property. Where it will be used? CSS float plays a major role in building website layouts. It […]

The Mydons features of 2013

Responsive Design : This is the hot topic of current web. As we all know the importance of responsive design with smart phones, tablet,  desktop &  laptop we made this 2013 Mydons site in more responsive way.     Floating Sidebar : More  intuitive explorer for topics in a floating manner.  All the topics are grouped and […]

The Mydons Newsletter

We appreciate helpful things, and love sharing it across. Every Friday we will send out an email newsletter with latest posts of the week written by Mydons team to the readers. Objective is to share knowledge and as we know always “help makes better”.  Keep subscribing and enjoy this feature. [wysija_form id=”1″]  

How to get Apache Solr URL in Drupal 7 themes/ modules/ templates

Apache Solr Search Integration is a drupal module that provides Search API that can be used as a replacement for core content search and boasts both extra features and better performance. This module integrate Apache Solr Search Platform and Drupal. . In order to check Whether Apache Solr  is down in your server you need […]

How to create a sub theme in drupal 7

Drupal provides a simple way to inherit the base themes through the concept called subtheme. Advantages of Creating Sub theme: No need of hacking the core themes All the styles of base theme will be inherited to sub theme, less coding Lets see how to create a sub theme in drupal. For this example i […]

how to hide Add New and Reset Filter button in admin grid magento

In Magento admin panel whenever we create our custom module with admin grid, it inherits the grid layouts from the core module classes. However we can customize the look and feel according to our needs, say For eg: We may need to Show only reports based on some information from backend. In this case we […]

Currency Conversion library in CodeIgniter

To understand this tutorial user must be aware of MVC (Model-View-Controller) concepts & workflows. Converting currency is pretty simple with CodeIgniter in this page we are going to see the following, How to write currency converter library How to call the library in the controller How to interact with Database and Views Important Update After […]

How to change admin logo and copyright text in Magento

Magento Provides configuration options to change the frontend logo. However to customize the admin panel login form and logo core files needs to be edited. To overcome this limitation we can override the adminhtml files in a custom module. The custom module is named as Mydons_Customadminlogo Step 1: Upload the custom logo in media directory. […]

Browser specific CSS rules you Must Memorize Part-2

As we have already discussed about Selector hack in browser-specific-css-rules-you-must-memorize-part-1 now we are going to focus on Attribute hack.  ATTRIBUTE HACK : Focusing a particular attribute of an element to write CSS is called as Attribute hack. In a <div> Element ID, name, class…etc are all attributes it applies for all HTML elements. Below Example shows how to […]