Overview of Multiwebsite Setup In Magento

In this article i will provide the overview of multiple website setup process in magento Step1: To Create a Multi Website Navigate to System-> Manage Stores. Create a Website, Store and Storeview respectively. Step 2: Once the appropriate base URLs are finalised. The WebServer Needs to be configured for the virtual host entries. Note:- The … Continue Reading

Mydons Inactive Customers Report published in magento connect

We are happy to announce that mydons Inactive customers report extension is published in magento connect. Thanks for all your support for this blog!! Features of this extension:- Inactive Customers Report extension will help the store owners or merchants to find out the list of customers who have not placed any order in the website … Continue Reading

Finding Inactive Customers in Magento Report

Magento Reports module provides variety of reports to the store owners about the customers carts, products ordered, bestsellers, abandoned carts etc. However sometimes the default reports alone will not be sufficient for our custom needs. In such a case we can create our own custom module. Example Scenario Lets find the list of customers who … Continue Reading

Solved magento transactional email templates not loading and template drop down issue

Magento Transactional Email Template Empty Issue In the Magento Admin Panel, to edit or customize the default email templates we can manage through System -> Transactional Emails. All the core module’s email template’s can be loaded in the template drop down and additional css or html can be added. In Some cases custom/contributed magento module’s … Continue Reading

Writing a custom magento shellscript

Magento provides the command line shell scripts which will reduce the tedious admin operations. These operation when they performed using browser may get browser timeout when the database or catalog is huge. The Magento Root directory contains a folder named “shell” which contains some default shell scripts for performing the below operations through command Line. … Continue Reading

Simple magento widget development

Introduction Magento widget development is a custom frontend extension that gives the facility for Non Technical Business users to easily create dynamic content to their website. A Widget comes with some configuration options. Basically creating a Widget is very similar to creating a module with a few more additional files. In this Blog post we … Continue Reading

Getting Started With Node.js on Windows

Node JS is a Server Side Javascript Framework. Getting Started With Node.js on Windows is pretty simple. With Node JS in place we can create web applications that uses javascript for both client side as well as for Server side. Node JS Acts as a Web server. Getting Started With Node.js on Windows development Environment:- Step 1:- To … Continue Reading

Error handler with requirejs

Error handler with requireJs is very easy. As we all know the importance of error handling in application this topic helps you to understand the error handler concept in requireJs. Error handler Method definition By default in requireJs there are two methods which handles error. requireType requireModules requireType:  This is a string value with a … Continue Reading

Understanding requireJs hello world example

requireJs hello world helps you to understand the flow of your module across the application. Using requireJs the java-script can be structured with modular approach. Introduction requireJs is most commonly used by java-script applications such as Kendo UI and other major frameworks like WordPress, Drupal etc… requireJs is a modularity based architecture which will help … Continue Reading

Woocommerce override template files via theme in wordpress

Woocommerce override template files via theme is pretty straight forward. This plugin has lot of features to utilize for e-commerce websites. Woocommerce template contains the markup and template structure for the front end display. Introduction Woocommerce is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that helps us to build an online store using wordpress platform. Woocommerce is an … Continue Reading