Creating Custom log file in magento

Magento has a built in support to write log messages. Sometimes we may Need to include our own log file for debugging our own modules. Because the size of default system.log file is too large and also it is difficult to find a specific entry in such a large file. we can Create our own […]

Magento debugging tips

1. One of the most difficult task in magento is to locate a particular file in recursive folders. Magento provides a setting in the admin panel to find the template files. To locate any template file location. Enable the template path hints. After enabling the template path hints you can visit the frontend and view […]

Log Clean Script for Magento

Magento Keeps track of all logging information in its database. It logs everything that happens in the site i.e visitors information,customers logged in details,URLs visited etc. It has a log cleaning with Cron job setup by default to clear the old entries, but i found in magento forums that the default log cleaning is not […]

Ajax Registration form in magento

In this article we are going to create a custom registration form in magento with Ajax functionality. The default magento registration form does the email verification of the user in the server side i.e After form submission. We are going to make it interactive. Step 1: After creating the basic module,we need to override the […]

Magento cron job issue solution

Recently While developing a custom module with cron job i faced an issue, my cron job was not executed successfully. When i inspected the cron_schedule table in database it shows the status as error and the below message was found in messages field. ‘Mage_Core_Exception’ with message ‘Invalid callback: mymodel/observer::observermethod doesn’t exist My model class is […]

Simple example using magento event observer

Magento’s Event observer concept is about raising events in key areas in an application flow. An Event is an action that takes place during normal program execution. Eg: Product saved,order placed,etc. Observer is the event handler. Customizing Magento using Event observer allows us to add our own logic in addition to the core logic without […]

Quick Drupal 6 VIEWS overview

Views is a contributed module in Drupal. The Main purpose of this module is to provide a Graphical User Interface for fetching Node/contents from database. It has a query builder that generates the SQL query based upon your inputs. Download the views module and upload it in sites/all/modules folder. Now Navigate to the module section […]

How to show products with toolbar and pagination in magento static block

It is common in all Magento sites to show the product list in Home page using CMS feature in admin. Recently i had a requirement to display special products in clearance category. I need to create a static block which calls the custom product list block with special product filtering and include it in a […]

Drupal 7 quick overview

Drupal 7 is released officially. Recently I installed and checked the features of Drupal 7. I Noticed some of the new features/changes: 1. Easy Installation profiles are introduced. Now Drupal 7 will work with php 5.2,mysql 5.0. While Installing you have the option to select installation profile(standard or minimal). Standard will contain commonly used modules […]

WordPress’s all new VideoPress

Just upload a video and we’ll take care of the rest! VideoPress converts your original video into multiple high-quality formats suitable for viewing on the web, downloaded to your desktop, direct from your television, or loaded onto your portable electronics. Capture videos, upload, embed, and publish. VideoPress is fully integrated with WordPress, providing the simplicity […]