Best Practices on Drupal Module development

Following are some of the important points/Best practices that should be taken in consideration while creating a new custom module in drupal. 1)   Use underscore “_mymodule_” for private function. 2)   Use “ l() ” instead of “<a>text goes here</a>”. 3)   Avoid writing all the coding inside a single module file, instead of that you can use .inc files and … Continue Reading

Most interesting features of Drupal Homebox module

If you are using Dupal for your site with user login, you should probably check this feature. Every user would like to make their work easier. For that, we should provide bird’s eye view of the updates. It could be a simple snapshot or a dashboard. Drupal Homebox module is greatly helping drupal developers to achieve … Continue Reading

A Quick overview on Drupal features modules

Drupal features module overview Drupal features module provides the UI and API for exporting  the various component used in drupal  like content type, Views etc. In this post we are going to see the key features. Components that can be exported by drupal are as follows, Content type CCK Views Taxonomy Menus User Roles Permissions … Continue Reading

How to theme the views in Drupal

In Drupal views are used to display the content , images etc.. to the users. Views has the own default template , to create the custom template. In the Edit mode of views page , click on the Theme Information in the Basic settings block, in this block the theme information  will listed in order like Display … Continue Reading

Drupal blocks in different regions in variuos pages

In Drupal the Blocks are used to display the sidebar contents, texts, images , videos etc. In some cases we need the same blocks to be displayed on right sidebar in the home page and the same block to be displayed in the bottom or in the content region in the inner pages. Say for e.g  … Continue Reading